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often young companies, anxious to acquire funding, rush a business plan to funding sources, only to discover the document doesn't get read, or it is rejected outright without critical feedback.  executives often experience frustration at the myriad rejections and the perceived illogical reasons for dismissal of their well-thought-out-plans.  the resulting notion is that venture capitalists just don’t understand the opportunity and how great it is.


cfo partners brings a unique approach

cfo partners brings a unique approach and discipline to navigating the pitfalls and opportunities of the funding world. our approach is methodological and repeatable. it recognizes the investor dilemma of risk and reward, and assumes that investors are preferential to their own view of where the world is heading.  we understand that not all opportunities will be every investor’s cup of tea.  cfo partners starts with an assessment of the market, competition, and the business model, including the key selling points along with those areas that need further work.  from there, cfo partners helps develop materials that communicate the critical aspects of the plan to funding sources.  in most cases, we understand the questions before they are asked, and focus on answering those key questions in a concise format - a format that investors will read.  we then help develop a corporate overview presentation for in-person meetings.


cfo partners bring an understanding of the mindset of investors because we have been investors, the mindset of investors because we have been investors, investment bankers, and venture capitalists ourselves.  as a result, we offer clients a unique, honest perspective of their business.


cfo partners can also assist with:


- capital acquisition support and funding structure

- m&a advisory and exit strategy

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