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all companies will experience a need for capital sooner or later.  cfo partners becomes your central advisor, negotiator, and advocate.  we help determine the best way to fund startup operations, expansion or an acquisition, either by bank debt, lines of credit, lease financing, venture capital, private equity, or ipo.  our seasoned cfos will make all the difference, since they know how to speak the language of those providing the capital.


raising capital in today's economy demands significant savvy and experience.  cfo partners understands how to “package” your company, and further, we understand how to negotiate the best terms for your specific situation.  this requires the finesse of leaders who have done it before.  it requires an understanding of optimal capital structure and the pros and cons of leverage.  it requires how to identify and evaluate the options, and how to navigate the process.    from simple loans to complex convertible preferred stock offerings, our professionals have extensive experience stock offerings, our professionals have extensive experience in helping you through the painstaking process of capital acquisition.


cfo partners can assist with:


- asset leasing

- venture leasing

- acquisition capital - asset-based lending - equity negotiation

- due diligence preparation

- bank financing - deal structure

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