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while cfo partners does not replace your legal counsel and does not provide legal advice, we can assist with the major business and deal issues.  this includes assuring that your company is properly protected from a business and risk perspective.  we help ensure that contracts are structured to allow for full revenue recognition, and make sure that you are not “giving up the farm.”  we help companies think creatively in solving an  impasse in negotiation.  in addition, we help take a long-term perspective on the ramifications of agreements, and ensure that there are no hidden “gotchas” or compliance headaches.  we can bear witness to m&a transactions failing to consummate due to key provisions in major contracts.  it is important that young companies not make mistakes that cost them significant value later.  cfo partners helps balance the scales.


we provide:


- contract review and edits
- direct contract negotiations
- deal structure
- closure
- contract compliance

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