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if your company needs experienced and creative negotiators, cfo partners is your answer.  our leaders understand how to negotiate deals - from our leaders understand how to negotiate deals - from customer and alliance agreements - to equity term sheets, supplier agreements, lease agreements, m&a agreements, letters of intent, and a host of other types of deals.  we have negotiated terms with some of the largest companies in the world.  we are patient, professional, and firm, and do not fall victim to the david-versus-goliath syndrome.  we help you get what you need in order to feel good about a deal.  in addition, cfo partners provides your company with credibility, velocity, and protection in negotiations, and brings a focus on both business and contractual issues.  for those early stage companies, we offer considerable credibility as you seek to do business with much larger organizations.   for middle market companies, we understand your sense of urgency, and can help accelerate the contract negotiation process.  cfo partners helps level the playing field.


we provide:


- contract review and edits

- contract review and edits

- direct contract negotiations

- deal structure

- closure

- contract management process and compliance

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