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providing sound information and financial reporting is more than printing out pages and pages of detailed financial statements from a general ledger.  it is more than gaap accounting.  financial reporting must be useful as a managerial tool.  cfo partners help business leaders create a business monitoring apparatus with information that helps companies make strategic decisions. 


this starts with a system that allows for the capturing and ongoing monitoring of key business metrics and variances to plan.  it also involves viewing financial statements from differing vantage points, including custom views to fully understand and monitor the overall business model.  once the system is in place, cfo partners creates a dashboard for ongoing monitoring of the health of the business.


in addition, cfo partners improves the quality of financial reporting. without attention to quality, organizations jeopardize banking and investor relationships, extend the audit cycle, and lose credibility.  cfo partners helps ensure proper revenue recognition and compliance with complex gaap issues, and develop the processes companies need to improve efficiency.   we help companies understand their true cost of sales and gross profit margins, and determine whether their business model is working the way they expect.


cfo partners can assist with:

cfo partners can assist with:


- financial structure setup

- gl accounting and bookkeeping

- financial statement preparation and review

- sec filing assistance

- board packages and presentation

- compliance

- profitability analysis

- modeling

- internal controls

- audit preparation

- cost controls

- international operations

- sarbanes oxley compliance

- credit and collections

- accounting

- accounting procedures and policies

- operations process improvement

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