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representing a large portion of the national economy, the healthcare debate may result in hurling the industry into turmoil, creating mass reengineering and wholesale changes.  this will necessitate leaders who understand companies’ rapid need to shift their thinking to take advantage of accelerating change.  significant advances in technology, changing demographics, cost escalation, patient rights, and public policy fuel uncertainty, and opportunity.  all these factors, and more, drive today's changes in the organization, delivery, and financing of us healthcare.


cfo partners has leaders who can help manage changing circumstances, including the ability to forecast the impacts of change on companies’ bottom lines.


we provide:


- scenario planning

- strategic planning

- financial reporting, metrics, and forecasting

metrics, and forecasting

- business plans, market analysis, and business model assessment

- capital acquisition support and funding structure

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- pricing strategy

- cost reduction        

- competitive analysis

- financial studies

accounting system conversion

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