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in diverse capacities, our partners have been involved with well over 100 public and private companies in various stages of development. we have transacted over $100 million in public and private offerings and have hands-on experience taking companies public. we have negotiated hundreds of customer, alliance, development, distribution, funding, and other agreements, in many cases with very large multi-national companies. we have set up worldwide operations and complex legal structures. our leaders have been involved in m&a transactions of all sizes, in some cases in the billions of dollars. we have provided strategic advice that resulted in re-engineering company business models.  we have assisted in turnaround, bankruptcy, and bank work-out situations. cfo partners is ready for whatever challenge your company is facing.

below is a sampling of past and present clients:

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What about gambling addiction? The Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health, a nonprofit that operates centers at the state's three casinos, employs "game sense advisers" who work with casino patrons to help them understand the odds of winning. Next occurrence wagers are also allowed for in-game wagers.

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“cfo partners provides us the guidance we need on a variety of strategic and financial issues, including m&a and contract negotiations. they are a trusted advisor, and bring expertise and insights unavailable in-house.”
osvaldo morales, ceo
true automation, inc.

“our business and financial partners not only have to keep up with our twists and turns, they need to really understand our game and to have played it themselves. so, when circumstances struck, cfo partners suited up and backed our play. calm under pressure, cfo partners helped us when we needed them. i enthusiastically recommend cfo partners!”

bettina bennett, chief maverick
whichbox media, llc

”cfo partners is expert at creating business plans and packaging them with compelling presentations to facilitate capital raising events.”

spencer brown, ceo

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