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cfo partners becomes a valued advisor and partner in navigating and managing the critical time of exit, acquisition, or divestiture.  cfo partners offers a range of services to its clients, including valuation analysis, deal structure and negotiation, and target identification.  in addition, we help organizations make the critical decisions concerning whether certain transactions are feasible, timely, correctly valued and more importantly, we analyze the ramifications to the company’s balance sheet and operations. on the sell side, our cfos help consummate the exit of your company on favorable terms - and on the buy side, we offer assistance with defining an acquisition expansion or roll-up plan, identifying distressed acquisition candidates, and developing valuation parameters.  our cfos have the knowledge and experience to provide you significant transaction support, and post-close integration.


cfo partners can assist with:

cfo partners can assist with:


- exit alternatives

- valuation

- transaction negotiation and structure

- acquisition feasibility

- international expansion

- due diligence

- target identification

- capital structure optimization

- integration planning and execution

- consolidation strategy evaluation

- management buy-outs

- ipo feasibility

- evaluate exit timing

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