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over the last 24 months, the oil and gas markets have become extremely volatile, significantly increasing risk and the need for seasoned financial talent.  investment uncertainties, cost increases, demand shifts, and delays remain major concerns in most of these markets and are continuing to constitute a long-term threat to industry participants.


financial expertise has never been more important in this space, and companies ranging from exploration and production, refining, oil field services, new technologies, natural resources, distribution, and renewables need to have solid financial advice.


cfo partners understands the rapidly changing energy space and the challenges and opportunities facing companies in this industry. 


let us help you with:


- cash planning and cash flow projections

- financial modeling

- business plans, market analysis, and business model assessment

- capital acquisition support and funding structure

- financial reporting, metrics, and forecasting

- capital structure optimization

- integration planning and execution

integration planning and execution

- consolidation strategy evaluation

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