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services businesses present a special set of challenges for finance departments, especially concerning the overall cost model, cost leakage and utilization, profitability analysis, revenue recognition, revenue segmentation, and operational and systems issues.  each company has a different set of needs because of the uniqueness of business model and product offerings.  our consultants have a range of experience in multiple service business models, from hosting companies, to online market research, to professional services, to financial services, to healthcare services.  in each situation we thoughtfully analyze the key drivers of growth and then tailor initiatives to help create data and systems that allow smart decision-making.  in addition, we provide an analysis of process flows that help streamline operations.  this requires analysts and financial executives who can truly understand the business and the space in which the business operates.


cfo partners can help with:

cfo partners can help with:


- profitability analysis

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- financial reporting, metrics, and forecasting

- pricing strategy

- cost reduction        

- competitive analysis

- professional services tracking system implementation

- best products to make money on amazon

- budgeting, forecasting, and modeling

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