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the software industry is experiencing substantial change, including new business models for delivery and creative licensing arrangements.  our consultants have been officers in software companies and know how to navigate the special challenges of running a software business.  software revenue recognition, for example, is one of the most complex pieces of gaap, and often companies don’t fully understand it.  the intricacies can be mind numbing, books have been written about it, and even audit firms do not see eye-to-eye on various practices in the field.  this creates confusion, restatements (including public companies), and loss of investor confidence. 


cfo partners can help in structuring contracts and policies that help steer clear of later problems.


we provide:


-         contract negotiations

-         contract review

-         financial reporting, metrics, and forecasting

-         m&a advisory and exit strategy

-         capital acquisition

-         restatements

-         revenue policy, process, and control

-         accounting system conversion

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