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planning is at the heart of any enterprise’s success or failure, and our cfos bring a key ingredient to this process.  that unique ingredient can be summed up as experience and rational exuberance; our leaders offer an experience base from which to draw sound judgments.  financial professionals at cfo partners offer a sounding board backed by observing and participating in literally hundreds of business models.  this becomes critical when companies need fresh ideas as they experience change.  we have seen what works and what does not, and can reshape your strategic plan to withstand scrutiny - scrutiny from lenders, board members, venture capitalists, acquirers, and other stakeholders.  this advice can dramatically increase the company’s credibility and reduce risk by applying capital efficiently.


cfo partners helps develop a detailed strategic financial plan.  we create a financial reporting dashboard that illustrates performance in key areas such as cash flow, capital structure and profitability -  information your leaders must have in order to make sound financial decisions.  our controllers and cfos are expert at creating pro forma financial statements based on real-world assumptions.  these spreadsheets become a living planning and scenario-building toolset that can be used to make strategic decisions.  


how does cfo partners make a difference?  we ask questions and formulate our ideas only after a significant difference?  we ask questions and formulate our ideas only after a significant knowledge transfer.  the end result is not just a financial model, but a collective strategic plan that entails entry strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy, acquisition strategy, funding strategy, market segmentation, market focus, competitive threats, opportunities, and risks, culminating in a comprehensive growth plan.  each strategic decision has significant financial implications.  in most cases, a thoughtful circumspection and rethinking can make a huge difference in timing and return on equity.  cfo partners can help consider “all the angles.”  at what time does significant investment payoff in a market window of opportunity, taking into consideration the current stage of company development?  what are the tradeoffs between investment in market dominance, near-term profitability, and future valuation?   what is the best and most efficient way to fund growth?  what level of investment in r&d and sales and marketing is typical for the current stage of company life cycle?  what scenarios company life cycle?  what scenarios warrant higher or lesser investment given the competitive environment and market opportunity?  is ipo feasible?


we seek to help our clients answer these critical questions.


cfo partners can assist with:


- annual budget

- variance analysis

- scenario planning

- cash planning and cash flow projections

- international expansion

- growth strategy

- pricing strategy

- cost reduction        

- competitive analysis

- financial studies

- ipo feasibility

- divestiture feasibility

- exit feasibility

- market comparison studies

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