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as companies grow, creating scale and efficiency is critical, particularly in the finance and operations functions.  given the expense and implementation cycle, coupled with the cost of failure due to strains on the organization related to conversions, systems need to be carefully thought out.  in the finance function, this is particularly difficult.  leaders must predict the future to determine how the company will expand and utilize the systems they deploy, and architect such systems to handle the future information needs and process flows.  systems need to be set up with the underlying goal to produce meaningful business metrics.  for finance systems, this means creating the ability to truly understand profitability by segment, product, to truly understand profitability by segment, product, customer, project, line of business, region, entity, geography, and department.   implementing a system that has the flexibility to “see” all the angles can be daunting.  cfo partners can help with this process, and guide your company through these difficult decisions.

we provide:

-     - gl setup, departmentalization, and multi-entity support

-     - professional services tracking system implementation

-     - system conversion

-     - post transaction integration

-     - other finance function systems

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