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in the technology sector, cfos and advisors need to have an awareness of the key challenges companies face, principally the fast-closing window of opportunity in a particular space.  global technology markets move very rapidly, and competition can mushroom into a sea of also-ran products.  cfos need to have an eye toward the marketplace just as much as the financial statements.  this requires strategy-minded professionals who can advise companies on how best to deploy resources and capital in fast changing environments.  should we consider an acquisition strategy?  do we need to decrease pricing?  how can we build a leverage model?  how do we create sustainable competitive advantage?  how do we create more top line visibility?  is the economy going to hurt us?  how do we streamline the supply chain?  these questions and many more need to be thoughtfully considered and weighed against the potential financial outcomes. 


cfo partners has significant expertise in the technology sector, and will be able to hit the ground running. 


we provide:


- financial reporting, metrics, and forecasting

- business plans, market analysis, and business model assessment

- capital acquisition support and funding structure


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